Toolkits to help self-development and teamwork

Self-Development and Teamwork Bite-Sized Training

Why we care about self-development

At the School of Babel we recognise leadership is a skill that can be learned and improved upon over time. We also understand that your most valuable resource is time. So we have created some focused services and products to help your self-development, as and when required. 

Short Courses

 We have chosen to focus some of our content onto ‘Bite-Sized Training’ to help your self-development as a leader. You will find the first of our short courses on Udemy, with more in the pipeline. 

121 Coaching Services

In addition at our heart is using coaching and mentoring to help people improve, and we offer 121 coaching for leaders coaches and mentors. We tailor these to the individual, please read more here

Why we care about teamwork

Aside from improving your own skills, as a leader you really need a high-performing team alongside you. As the School of Babel we understand  how important it is to have an effective team. We have plenty of experience running team-building events,  but also understand the power of ice-breakers to build rapport and enable your whole teams’ self-development.

Team Building Events

Our team of professional coaches can create a team-building event where your team can start on their journey of being truly high-performing. On this path to enlightenment we aim to have fun and build camaderie.

Ice-breaker events

We believe in the power of ice-breakers. Our School of Babel team will create a truly innovative ice-breaker event for your team, which we can do either virtually or in person. We also have our own ice-breaker game to purchase here.  

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