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At School of Babel we have recently published two books that we hope you will enjoy. Both of which help self-development and teamwork both for you, your clients and your teams. You will find links below to Amazon.

Building Better Communication In Teams: Real Teamwork!

Building Better Communication in Teams focuses on helping leader’s self-development. This helps them to improve both their and their team’s communication skills.

We share many practical tips and ice-breakers to help you navigate how to get more out of your team meetings. We also provide summaries of key applicable theories in the world of communication.

Theories and areas for self-development we highlight include Active Listening and Learning Styles. These two techniques really help to promote effective teamwork.  Through active communication your team can reach higher levels of performance.

The second chapter of our book focuses on how to improve communication in a virtual environment. We hope you enjoy reading it, below is a link to Amazon where you can find it on Kindle or you can purchase a hard copy.

Babel Image Picture Cards Now Online!!

Our second book of Image Cards is only available on Kindle and features our image cards which you can also buy on this website under products. Our physical cards and the images in this kindle book can help in areas of self-development, self-reflection, teamwork and effective communication. 

Through the changing environment we have all had to face in 2020, we decided to put our much loved image cards online. We do this hoping that coaches, mentors and leaders can use them in a virtual environment. For 121 meetings as well as team building opportunities.

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