Toolkits to help self-development and teamwork

Self-development and Teamwork at the heart of what we do

School of Babel provides resources to help inspire leaders, coaches and mentors.  Our team of experienced researchers create toolkits and products rigorously based on academic theories using our latest discoveries in social science. The value of teamwork is well known. A great team is, of course, a unit of high-performing individuals, acting together. At the School of Babel, we understand the importance of self-development as well as team cohesion.

We have created a number of products, toolkits and services which you can find more about below.

Our toolkits and services for self-development and teamwork

School of Babel Products

A collection of high-quality merchandise to help self-development and teamwork. For leaders, coaches and mentors.

School of Babel Publications

Articles and books that encourage progressive thought and evidence-based 'how-to' manuals which aid self-development.

Bite-Sized Training

Your most valuable resource is time. We have developed accessible courses to help self-development and teamwork. Addtionally we offer a variety of coaching services, from 121s, to team events.

Thought Leadership

Through a richer appreciation of the frontiers of learning, this material ignites lateral thinking and problem-solving.


Our toolkits include collection of products and instruments that encourage transparency and unify bonds helping teamwork

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Want to watch our latest Udemy course for free?

We are very proud to present the release of our first course on Udemy! Effective Communication in a Virtual Team Environment has over an hour of content with a number of downloadable resources plus knowledge check quizzes throughout. Aligned to our recently published book, Building Better Communication in Teams. If

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How to build rapport in learning on-line sessions

What do we mean by rapport and is it really needed? Learning through online platforms is increasingly the approach preferred by learning providers and students alike. It is cost-effective, flexible and, when properly crafted for virtual environments, comparable to co-located learning experiences. However, the important dynamic of rapport must be

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Why Active Listening is Critical to Effective Team Communication.

‘Active Listening’ is a key skill if you want to create effective team communication.  Active listening requires you to concentrate, understand, respond and then recall what is being said. It is where you make a conscious effort to hear and understand the complete message being spoken. Peter Drucker, an influential

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The Genesis of Happy or Not so Happy Faces

We have all experienced the satisfaction of giving instant feedback by pressing a ‘smiley’ in a reception waiting area, or after navigating airport security. The three straightforward choices capturing our mood or experience give us a sense that our opinion matters. But have you ever considered the origins of Smiley

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