Enhancing Teams and Individual Performances

What’s your personality profile?

Babbling with Babel At School of Babel, we believe that communication is fundamental to how we interact – and that having an understanding of how we communicate, relative to others, influences a team’s effectiveness.

We believe that using questionnaires to establish individual styles within teams create really interesting, thought-provoking and ultimately fun ways to break-the-ice and build your team. The more you understand each other, the better able you are to function effectively and ultimately, the higher performing team you will become. Each of our games will have a questionnaire which you can complete on-line before your team-building session.

We would love you to buy our games but we also realise it’s nice to have a play with things, so why not take our free on-line personality profile questionnaire and discover your profile! Your results will be emailed to.

Event Management

The Babel team members are professional practitioners who have a wealth of experience guiding and staging events for many years at senior level in multinational and international company We are unique in our approach. The Babel prior to the event spend time understanding the participants and ask them to fill out a brief on-line questionnaire to assist our understanding of the dynamics on the day.

De-thawing team events are our speciality. At the School of Babel we appreciate that sometimes a team may require “de-thawing”. They may have reached a cul-de-sac and require help navigating themselves to a better higher perf ing highway. One of our Babel team member’s can help facilitate a two-hour team building session using a number of our ice-breaker games.

Coaching Cards and Games

At School of Babel we believe play and fun is important when creating and building teams, so you will find everything you need in the box for a creative and fun ice-breaker. We link each g to personality questionnaires so your teams can identify how they can better work together. Through exploration, reflection and study, individuals can work more effectively; engage more and fully within teams.