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A New Concept in Ice-Breakers for teams
As Plato said “you can discover more about a person in an hour of play than from a year of conversation”. The School of Babel is the new concept in ice-breaking within teams. The aim of our ‘games in a box’ is to have everything you need to create 45-60 minute events which help to create and build team high performance, breaking down barriers and creating strong bonds. Our team building games are based around personality quizzes which help to very quickly show team members how they and their colleagues can interact better with each other, but also be more effective when it comes to creating and building relationships outside of the group. Our ice-breaking games can be used in sequence or as one-offs.

School of Babel Ice-Breaker Team Building Games
At School of Babel we believe play and fun is important when creating and building teams, so you will find everything you need in the box for a creative and fun ice-breaker. We link each game to personality questionnaires so your teams can identify how they can better work together. Through exploration, reflection and study, individuals can work more effectively; engage more openly and fully within teams. » more

Quick Ice-Breaker Games
Our Coaching Cards have been created to enable you to have short ice-breaker sessions either with teams or on a one to one basis. There are 52 beautiful large high quality picture cards that can help invoke emotions, memories and stimulate deep thinking, and create a foundation for great conversations.» more

Babel Coaching and Consultancy Services
At the School of Babel, in addition to our ‘off the shelf’ games in a box,  we also offer a broad range of services from a bespoke tailored 1:1 coaching service to group de-thawing team building and ice-breaker half day sessions which we will develop with you, and then come and deliver for you. All team building events and ice-breaker activities are fun yet always underpinned by academically researched to ensure participants both have an enjoyable time and also learn about psychology in respect to individuals and teams….» more