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Why Ice-Breakers?

In a virtual environment, it’s important to try and re-create those ‘water-cooler’ moments where teams get together and build rapport, we call these ‘ice-breakers’.

At School of Babel, we continue to develop our products and instruments that encourage transparency and unify bonds. You will find the ice-breaker exercises in this section will help your own and your team’s communication skills.

We hope you find these free ice-breaker resources great for team-building with your team. You can use them for physically present or virtual teams.

You can read our blogs here, which will help your understanding as to why we think ‘breaking the ice’ is so critical to team development.

In addition you can take a look at our bite-sized training page which provides insights and support for developing leaders and coaches.

In addition our new book has more details on many of our ice-breakers, with greater background on how Ice-breakers can really help to improve team communication. 

Ice-Breaker 1: Elephant in the Room

An ice-breaker to top all ice-breakers. For a team that truly wants to be high-performing, encouraging your team to speak freely thereby helping communication skills for everyone!

Ice-Breaker 3: What's your profile?

Take one of our online questionnaires to find out your 'personality type'. Use these with your team to help build understanding and break the ice.

Ice-Breaker 5: The Tale of Two Teams

Here you ask your team to reflect on your journey, comparing and contrasting behaviours at the beginning to where you find yourselves now. A truly reflective ice-breaker.

Clubhouse Rules

Coming soon.....

Ice-Breaker 2: The Team Trust Game

A simple ice-breaker exercise to play which can kick-off and help any meeting or setting, and it can help to create a culture around shameless honesty, helping to build team trust.

Ice-Breaker 4: What's your attitude?

With this ice-breaker, your teams can express their level of emotion. If you get a sense of where your team 'are' you will be better able to judge how to adjust your style accordingly.

Visual Auditory or Kinesthetic?

What is your learning style?
Coming soon......

The Passport Game

Coming soon.....

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