Our Work

At the School of Babel we offer a broad range of management resources from a bespoke tailored 1:1 coaching tools to group team building equipment half day sessions. All resources are designed to be fun yet underpinned by academically researched to ensure participants both have an enjoyable time and also learn about psychology in respect to individuals and teams.
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1:1 Coaching service: bespoke designed resources branded for organisations and tailored to your organisation.
Babel design tools that respect the individual and recognise that to help develop their skills one has to understand them fully. Coaches use our tools to guide the coachees to a deeper understanding our themselves and awareness to appreciate their interactions with teams.
The outcomes are defined at the outset and when those targets are exceeded the process becomes liberating and highly motivational.
At the School of Babel we believe in homework! Our design coaching programmes are not for those who seek to hide at the back of the class but are willing to engage positively, actively, and work their own development in their journey for self-actualisation.
Event facilitation:
The Babel team members are professional practitioners that provide you with tried and tested tools. We have a wealth of experience guiding and staging events for many years at senior level in multinational and international companies, so that the resources have been well and truly roadtested.
We are unique in our approach. The Babel prior to the event spend time understanding the participants and ask them to fill out a brief on-line questionnaire to assist our understanding of the on the day.
De-thawing team events:
At the School of Babel we appreciate that sometimes a team may require “de-thawing”. They may have reached a cul-de-sac and require help navigating themselves to a better higher performing
highway. One of our Babel team member’s can help facilitate a two-hour team building session using a number of our ice-breaker games